• Leikster16


    January 1, 2020 by Leikster16

    Happy 2020 everyone! We know that since the crossover premiere in October 2018 ago, I thought I could show you of some shows, & movies that will premiere on Cartoon Network or HBO Max

    • Elliot From Earth (TBA 2020)
    • We Baby Bears (TBA 2020)

    • Infinity Train will air its season two premiere Book Two: Cracked Reflection.

    • Infinity Train will air its season two finale

    • Total Dramarama will air its season 2 premiere

    • Ben 10 (reboot) will premiere its season 2 premiere

    • Adventure Time will celebrate its 10th anniversary

    • We Bare bears will celebrate its 5th anniversary

    • Regular Show will celebrate its 10th anniversary 

    • Tig n' Seek will air on HBO Max
    • The Fungies! will are on HBO Max
    • Elliot from Earth 
    • We Baby Bears
    • We Bare Bears: The Movie
    • Craig of the Creek will air it…

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